MasterTech Certified

Driving with Confidence

Don't Worry, Just Drive

The MasterTech™ Certified Limited Warranty is designed to give you peace of mind while driving down the road. Every MasterTech™ Certified vehicle undergoes a comprehensive inspection.

When the MasterTech™ Certified Limited Warranty is combined with the purchase of a MasterTech™ Vehicle Service Contract to provide you complete coverage of the major components in your vehicle, you can be confident your vehicle will be covered whenever there are bumps in the road. Please ask the Selling Dealer for all of the MasterTech™ Certified Limited Warranty coverage details.

Convenience (Nationwide Repairs)

It is recommended that you return to your Selling Dealer for repairs. Although, MasterTech™ repairs may be completed nationwide at any authorized repair facility.

No Paperwork

Upon receipt of the necessary claims paperwork from you of the repair facility, MasterTech™ pays the repair facility directly, so you are not responsible for obtaining reimbursement.

Taxes & Fluids

State and local taxes, where applicable, and fluids, when required in conjunction with a covered repair, are covered.

Rental Car Reimbursement

If your vehicle is kept overnight at the repair facility for covered repairs, rental car coverage is provided up to forty-dollars ($40) per day for six (6) days.

Emergency Travel Interruption

If you are one hundred (100) miles or more from home and you have a covered breakdown, you will be reimbursed up to five hundred dollars ($500) for commercial lodging, meals, and rental of a replacement vehicle. Lodging and meals are limited to one hundred dollars ($100) per day.

Mechanical Breakdown

If a covered part has failed, MasterTech™ Certified will pay for authorized parts and labor. Please see the MasterTech™ Certified Limited Warranty for coverage details.

Roadside Assistance

Emergency roadside service benefits are provided up to one hundred dollars ($100) per occurrence. Benefits are payable for towing, fluid delivery, vehicle extraction assistance, battery start service, spare tire mounting assistance, and lock-out service. Service is provided twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week at 866.300.8579.


MasterTech™ will reimburse you up to seventy-five dollars ($75) per occurrence for towing expenses when a covered breakdown occurs. If you return to the Selling Dealer, reimbursement is available up to one hundred dollars ($100) per occurrence, plus an additional twenty-five ($25) if over fifty (50) miles from the Selling Dealer, for a maximum of one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125) per occurrence (in Florida reimbursement is only subject to a maximum of one hundred dollars ($100) per occurrence).

MasterTech™ Certified is a Limited Warranty administered by:
American Financial Warranty Corporation

The information on this site is intended to provide an overview of the coverage, terms, additional benefits, exclusions, and limitations of the MasterTech™ Certified Limited Warranty. This site should not be relied upon solely. For exact coverage, eligibility, conditions, definitions, and exclusions, please review the vehicle limited warranty itself. Parts used for covered repairs may be new, remanufactured, or of like kind and quality. Certain benefits my not be available in some states.