Automotive Training Academy

Automotive Training Academy

The Automotive Training Academy by Assurant works with automotive professionals, throughout the dealership, to give them the knowledge needed to prosper in today’s retail market. Customized in-dealership training and regional workshops and on-demand virtual training create effective environments for professionals to gain essential skills and be able to apply them as soon as they return to the dealership.

The Automotive Training Academy offers a wide variety of courses customized for every stage of an automotive professional's career. These training programs are continuously reviewed and modified to ensure maximum performance and profitability.


Whether taking advantage of in-dealership, in-classroom or virtual training the Automotive Training Academy utilizes a hands-on method to increase profitability in all areas of the dealership. The interactive nature of the courses is enhanced by the open-forum approach, allowing for discussion between participants and trainers on the techniques covered and their practical application in the dealership. All of the Automotive Training Academy trainers have held various positions within the dealership, allowing them to provide real-world solutions to problems experienced in all departments.


Automobile Dealers Association of North Dakota

Montana Automobile Dealers Association

Houston Automobile Dealers Association

Shoreline Community College

Metro Atlanta Automobile Dealers Associaton

Texas Automobile Dealers Association


I decided to come to F&I University to sharpen my skills as a sales manager to see what I am looking at and be able to adapt for my market a little bit better. Learning how to overcome objections was probably the biggest takeaway.

Chad M.

Worth it. 100%

Eric G.

I’ve been in the business for 28 years and I cannot believe how much I have learned this week. My expectations were blown away.” “This class is necessary for any business manager

Khader S.

I found that everybody there really knew what they were doing and were really hands on. Everything was above and beyond what I anticipated. I feel that I developed more confidence in being able to present the product to the customer.

Howard S.

I think that the tools that American Financial has given me, starting 8 years ago, are tools that I can use for the rest of my life in this business.

Be prepared to learn something, and sharpen your sword. This course is going to make you formidable in the automotive industry, for sure.

Mark S.

This course will benefit me in ways that I can help gather more information from the guests that I'm trying to help; Help me to teach and train others at the dealership who haven't had the opportunity to take this course yet, and will make it more beneficial overall throughout the group because of that.

If you take this course, you everything. End of the story.

Chris M.

This class is an in-depth, business managers class, that whether you are new to the business or you have 10 years experience, it will enlighten you on some of the newer regulations, as well as refresh and bring back to the forefront some of the older things that we were taught.

Dudley S.

This class touches on every field of F&I and shows practical, real-world examples of how to apply it.

Rameish R.

I think this course is going to benefit me in really overcoming objections. My biggest problem was objections and knowing where to go with them, building that good report with the customer and getting those YTMs out of it I think is going to be great.

I would recommend this class to anybody, I would recommend it to all my salesmen. The confidence in asking questions, overcoming objections, and the process of learning what to say and how to say it is tremendous.

Greg S.

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