American Financial offers comprehensive technology solutions for all phases of the sales cycle. We work with the major DMS providers and sales platforms in the industry, thus enabling you to choose which platforms best fit your organization.

American Financial provides electronic rating to a variety of 3rd party software systems for all of its products. Electronic rating provides real-time, accurate rating at the time of sale.

In addition to e-rating, electronic contracting compliments the process and simplifies your workflow. American Financial’s
products are integrated with the front and back office systems to streamline your transaction. Whether you want to e-contract
via a menu platform, or from a stand-alone e-contracting portal, we can support it.

We currently work with the following platforms:

  • ADP Menu
  • ADP E-forms
  • MenuVantage
  • DealerTrack DMS
  • DealerTrack Menu
  • F&I Express
  • Fusion/The Impact Group
  • iTap Menu
  • Provider Exchange Network (PEN)
  • Reynolds DMS
  • Reynolds Docupad
  • Reynolds Menu
  • StoneEagle QuickRater
  • StoneEagle Secure Connect
  • StoneEagle SecureSalesTool
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