Protect Against the Unexpected

American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc. has developed a comprehensive offering of F&I products that address the various demands of today’s consumers. The MasterTech F&I product suite gives dealers additional opportunities to add value to their customers’ buying and driving experience. Every MasterTech product is insured by top rated carriers to provide you and your customers financial strength and peace of mind that claims will be paid.

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MasterTech Debt Protection Program

  • Developed to lessen or eliminate an outstanding loan or lease balance after your customer experiences a constructive total loss of a vehicle
  • 150% or 125% plans available
  • Approved by most major lenders
  • Five-tier pricing structure (0–48, 49–60, 61–72, 73–76, 77–84)
  • Can waive covered GAP amounts of up to $50,000
  • Full coverage on purchases of new and pre-owned vehicles valued or financed up to $125,000


American Financial offers an array of credit insurance products that provide your business managers and customers the coverage, terms, and limits they need. Depending on state laws, the following are available:

  • Single/Joint Decreasing Life
  • Single/Joint Accident and Health
  • Critical Period Accident and Health
  • Gross/Net Indebtedness
  • Accelerated Death Benefit
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