MasterTech Theft Registration provides a full portfolio of anti-theft products featuring 3M Technologies' Phantom Footprints. This product, employs a patented technology to mark sheet metal parts of the vehicle. The Phantom Footprint is detectable by ultraviolet light when the sticker is removed. In addition to the Phantom Footprint technology, MasterTech Theft Registration also provides traditional acid etch products that use either VIN numbers or unique catalog numbers.


American Financial offers a Road Hazard program that covers the tire and wheel against road surface debris such as glass, nails, potholes, rocks, etc.

  • 24/7/365 sign and drive toll-free roadside assistance
  • 100% covered repair or replacement for covered events with no deductible
  • No additional charges when you replace tires
  • Several terms and coverage options available


With the increasing technology of today’s automotive keys and fobs, American Financial offers a Key Replacement Program that provides added protection for consumers against the rising cost of replacing the items when they are lost, stolen, or destroyed. This protection program provides:

  • Key replacement (Key and Key Fob)
  • Programming (Key and Key Fob)
  • Lockout service
  • Instant notification of key recovery
  • 24-Hour emergency roadside assistance
  • Custom trip routing
  • Discounts
  • Several terms and coverage options available


For consumers looking to protect the outside of their vehicles from door dings and small dents, American Financial offers a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) program that is a perfect fit. This unique program utilizes a dent removal process developed by automotive manufacturers that will help consumers avoid the expensive and time consuming assistance of body shops.

  • Covers customer’s vertical panels up to 4” dents
  • Utilizes the dealerships own paintless dent repair technician, thus bringing the consumer back to the dealership.
  • Fast and friendly repairs
  • Available for new, pre-owned, and lease vehicles
  • Several terms available


The Windshield Protection program, offered by American Financial utilizes technology that molecularly fuses with the windshield to form a hydrophobic barrier. The available repair or replace policy helps insure not only greater road visibility during inclement weather but also saves customers from the hassle of expensive glass repairs.

  • Trained professional technicians will repair or replace depending on the severity of the damage
  • Several term and coverage options available


During any vehicle ownership time period, accidents may occur in the interior or to the exterior of the vehicle that could possibly reduce the retail value. American Financial offers a Chemical Protection program that reduces the damage when these accidents occur. Without Chemical Protection, the only thing protecting the consumer’s vehicle is a thin layer of clear coat applied by the manufacturer.

  • Protection against
    • Exterior loss of gloss
    • Interior accidental spills
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