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Recipient Cancellation Form

This form is required to cancel a participant from American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc.'s MasterTech Rewards program




Please note that MasterTech Rewards will not be awarded for a partial month.
The cancellation must take place at the end of the month.
Any remaining MasterTech Rewards on the card can be used until the card's listed expiration date.

Rewards Card
Recipient's ID #:  
Recipient's Name:  
Dealership Name:  
DDM Name:  
MasterTech Dealer #:   
Cancellation Date:  


Reason for Cancellation:

The Recipient's ID Number must be written or typed in the "ID No." field to the right of your signature in the "Dealer Representative" field on every contract before being remitted to American Financial Warranty Corporation. All contracts remitted without a Recipient ID Number in this field will not be awarded MasterTech Rewards. Be sure to list all dealership account numbers you are associated with. Failure to do so could result in lost MasterTech Rewards.