"At American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc., our mission is to enhance the professional image of our industry through exceptional customer service. Delivering the highest level of customer service will always be the driving force behind our business. It is only by consistently exceeding our customers' expectations that we can earn their loyalty, expand our customer base, and increase the value of our products."

- Arden Hetland, President


American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc. takes great pride in the way that they conduct business. From the professional dress of the field agents, to the policies and procedures that are instilled at the rooftop level, American Financial believes that above all else, these values are most important to the success of not only American Financial but also the dealerships that we work with nationwide. Through these core values, we strive to uphold the reputation of the automotive industry.

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism


At American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc. we believe that it is just as much our responsibility to grow and develop the community and world around us, as it is to grow and develop our own business. American Financial is hands on in our community, giving back to a wide array of local and national charities.

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